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AH-1G Cobra "Spanish & IDF Cobras"

(Special Hobby - Nr. SH 72274)

Special Hobby - AH-1G Cobra


Hersteller:Special Hobby
Theme:Attack Helicopters
Productnumber:SH 72274 - AH-1G Cobra "Spanish & IDF Cobras"
Type:Full kits
Year of release:July 2014
Price:ca. 18 €
  • 147 grey plastic parts
  • 16 clear parts
  • Decals for 3 options
  • instruction booklet


Special Hobby - AH-1G Cobra "Spanish & IDF Cobras"

As a variant of their new AH-1 Cobra kits, MPM production s.r.o. presents us a AH-1G with Spanish Navy and IDF decals under their Sepcial Hobby product range.

Some words about these overseas variants: 

The Spanish Naval Air Arm received four older AH-1G under the MAP Programme in 1971 which were later followed by another 4 in 1973. The Spaniards intended to use them in the anti-ship role which soon prove not the be such a good idea and as far as I know has a use in this role never been realised. They all served in 007 Escuardrilla at Rota NAS and had deployments on the helicopter/VTOL carrier Dédalo. 4 Cobras were lost due to accidents, 3 later returned to the USA where they were converted to TAH-1F. Only one airframe remained at Rota which is kept there as a museum/heritage exhibit.

Israel also received 6 AH-1G for evaluation purposes. They were converted to AH-1Q later to have a more efficient anti-tank capability. As a consequence, Israel decided to acquire AH-1S in the 1980's. 

Special Hobby - AH-1G Cobra "Spanish & IDF Cobras"

The plastic box contents are completely identical to the "AH-1G Over The USA & Europe" boxing reviewed earlier here: - so please refer to the images and general comments made there.

Of course the decals and instructions are different. Here again, there is no reason for any complaints. The resin dummy turret is not included in this boxing as it is not needed for either version. 

Special Hobby - AH-1G Cobra "Spanish & IDF Cobras"

Special Hobby - AH-1G Cobra "Spanish & IDF Cobras"

Decals for:
  • AH-1G Cobra, 007-8, Z.14-8, (BuNo. 72-21464) Arma Aerea de la Armada Espanola (Spanish Navy Air Arm), 7 Escuadrilla, Base Naval de Rota, Spain, 1973-84.
  • AH-1G Cobra, 01-702, HA.14-2, (BuNo. 71-15091) Arma Aerea de la Armada Espanola (Spanish Navy Air Arm), 7 Escuadrilla, Base Naval de Rota, Spain, 1973-84.
  • AH-1G Tzefa, No 126/No.130 Evaluation Unit/ First Attack Helicopter Squadron, Chel Ha'Avir (Israeli Defence Force/Air Force), Tel Nof Base, Israel, 1975-76.
Strong points:
  • fine and crisp detail
  • finesse of even tiniest bits
  • range of arnament options
  • consideration of differences between early and late production models (nose, position of tail rotor etc.)
  • crew acess open or closed
  • ground handling gear
  • variety of colour schemes 
  • coloured instruction sheet
  • value for money
  • 25% discount voucher for Mike Verier's Cobra book included
Weak points:
  • missing tail rotor pedals
  • moulded in gunner's collective pitch grip
  • tail rotor blades seem to be too wide in chord


For those who thought that Cobras always have to be in olive drab colours this may be an eye opener. As the range of other operators of the AH-1G is very small, this is a nice alternation of the good kit. Maybe someone will offer NASA markings later on as well?

Kit is available via: (MPM production s.r.o. E-Shop distribution)

More infos:

  • Peoples, Kenneth (1988): Bell AH-1 Cobra Variants - Aerofax Datagraph 4, Kenneth Peoples, Aerofax Inc.
  • Mutza, Wayne (1998): AH-1 Cobra in action, Aircraft Number 167, Squadron/signal publications.
  • Mutza, Wayne (2002): Walk Around AH-1 Cobra, Walk Around Number 29. Squadron/signal publications.

Reviewed by Felix Troschier - 21. July 2014

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