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H-34 G III "Navy"

(HaHen - Nr. 48053)

HaHen - H-34 G III


Theme:Utility Helicopters
Productnumber:48053 - H-34 G III "Navy"
Year of release:June 2013
Price:16,50 Euro
  • 2 decal sheets
  • 3 pages with placement instructions
  • 1 small sheet with handling instructions (German)
Designed for:
  • Gallery Models kit


HaHen - H-34 G III "Navy"

Friends of the colourful German Marineflieger H-34 got now the opportunity to build the new Gallery Models kit in German colours with the help of HaHen's newest release.

The major operator of the H-34 within the German Navy was the Marinefliegergeschwader (Naval Air Squadron) 5 which used some 10 H-34 G III in the SAR role, later further 8 were added from Army Aviation surplus stock. At first the a/c were painted in overal aluminium with no special markings an SC+ codes. Later, the code changed to WE+ and the orange bands with SAR lettering was added. in 1968, the German military aircraft registration system was changed to a four-digit system. All H-34 G got 80+ and 81+ registrations then. Some aircraft also carried the army like standard olive green colour instead of an aluminium colour coat.

Another, not so well known naval operator of the H-34 was the short-lived MFG 4. It was supposed to take over ASW and mine clearing duties. For this purpose it received 5 SH-34J and 2 H-34 G III with minesweeping gear. Due to cost reductions, the MFG 4 was disbanded in 1968 again and its material was transfered to the MFG 5. The codes were in the beginning also SC+ and then WD, followed by 80+ and 82+ in the new system. 

Due to 4 rows of numbers, the decal sheets allow the representation of every single German navy H-34/SH-34. Stenceling is provided in three different versions. The tailboom walkway is included as well as a decal for the instrument panel. The SAR lettering is provided with and without white borders. The printing quality is fine, although not 100% comparable to large-scale production decals. But the minor inaccuracies in register and printing edges will hardly be recognizeable on the mode. The carrier film is continuous, therefore every item has to be cut out individually. 


A release in 1:72 scale is planned.

There is also a Heeresflieger (Army Aviation)/ Luftwaffe (Air Force) sheet to follow. 

HaHen - H-34 G III "Navy"

HaHen - H-34 G III "Navy"

HaHen - H-34 G III "Navy"

HaHen - H-34 G III "Navy"


  •  All decals are already protected against tapping and dissolution of colours while watering.
  • Softerners are not necessary due to the thin and adjusting carrier film. Hence, "Decal Soft" by Revell or "Decal Setting" by Daco could be used.
  • All decals are printed on sheets with a continuuous carrier film and every item has to be cut out seperatley prior use. Decals could be cut out by the margins.
  • Dip decal in water shortly and but it away for 1-2 minutes. Then apply it to the model speedy. Wet the spot on the model where the decal will be placed befor application to avoid rapid adhesion.
  • In the end, the whole model should be sealed with a varnish of your choice. 
Decals for:
  • every German navy H-34/SH-34

pre-assembled registrations for:

  • SC+259
  • WE+575
Strong points:
  • comprehensive sheet with complete stenciling
  • pre-assembled and individual registrations possible
  • good instrument panel ecal
  • coloured instructions
Weak points:
  • contiuous carrier film (although no problem at all)
  • handling instructions only in German language
  • no fleet list (see F-40)


Well designed decal sheet, certainly worth its money.

More infos:

References: F-40 issue Nr.06 „Sikorsky H-34 G-I, II, III" by Siegfried Wache

Reviewed by Felix Troschier - 06. July 2013

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