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NH90 NFH Navy

(Revell - Nr. 04651)

Revell - NH90 NFH Navy


Theme:Utility Helicopters
Productnumber:04651 - NH90 NFH Navy
Type:Full kits
Year of release:December 2011


Revell supports us Rotorheads with a up-to-date new item: The naval version of the NH-90, the NATO frigate helicopter. The basis of this kit is the NH-90 TTH (04489) and there was an extra sprue for the naval parts added.

The basic kit has fine recessed panel lines and lovely detailed parts like e.g. the rotorhead. A cabin ceiling is missing.

The flightdeck is fully equipped with cyclic and collective controls, as well as pedals.

This sprue originally desinged for the troop transport version mostly contains parts for the spares box.

This sprue is exclisively for the naval version. There are new sponsons, float packages, sonar crane, new tailboom, 360° radome, operator stations and seats, 2 MU90-Torpedoes and some sensors and antennae provided. Although the level of detail is also lovely here, the extra sprue has somewhat less sharply defined details than the rest of the kit.

Unfortunate are the moulded-on windscreen wipers and the flight deck entry doors. Happy canopy polishing :)

The printing quality of the decal sheet is accurate as always. But the size of the French roundels corresponds to the pre-serial production aircraft and they are to big for actual operative NFH.

First option is a dutch a/c (110) from Den Helder...

...the second one a French one from Hyères. (Note that the squadron's number is CEPA 10.S and not CEPA 105)

All in all:


  • lovely level of detail
  • nice ASW cabin interior
  • differences between French and Dutch version considered in instructions
  • comprehensive decal sheet with all stencils
  • parts for spares box


  • minor differences to serial production aircraft due to the early origin of the basic kit (air ducts, engine intakes, chaff/ flare dispensers, antennae) --> CHECK YOUR REFERENCES!
  • missing cabin ceiling
  • moulded-on wipers and pilot's entry doors
  • French roundels too big

Note from contributor: The seat framework (6,7, 147, 148, 150) is very fragile. To attach them in a proper geometrical arrangement I recommend to glue them on the cabin floor (4) first, wait to dry and then to add the seats.

More infos:

Reviewed by Felix Troschier - 06. February 2012

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