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Sikorsky CH-54A Skycrane

(Revell - Nr. 1258)

Revell - Sikorsky CH-54A Skycrane


Theme:Utility Helicopters
Productnumber:1258 - Sikorsky CH-54A Skycrane
Type:Full kits
Year of release:April 2010


New from Revell USA is this Sikorsky CH-54A Skycrane in scale 1/72.

The CH-54A Skycrane, has a rotor span of 72 feet, which is amongst the largest. The Skycrane can carry more than its own weight, having a capability of lifting 10 tons. The role of the skycrane is not limited to the battlefield. Besides handling freight and passengers, it can set up power lines, lay pipelines hunt oil and other minerals, transport prefabricated houses and bridges, and fight fires.

The kit is molded in olive drab and clear plastic. It comes with three figures, optional loads a mobile pod or field howitzer and detailed engines. Movable main and tail rotors and opening ramp on mobile pod.

The decalsheet contains markings for following versions:

  • CH-54A, Serial No. 64-14205, Demonstrator
  • CH-54A, Serial No. 66-18437, Pennsylvania Air National Guard
  • CH-54A, Serial No. 66-18409, First Cavalry Division
  • CH-54A, Serial No. 66-18459, Nevada Air National Guard

The kit is listed in the catalogue under number 1258 and is sold for around $11.

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You are here: Home > Kit-Ecke > Revell > Sikorsky CH-54A Skycrane

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