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Modern US Helicopter Missile Markings

(Fireball Modelworks - Nr. FMD-21)

Fireball Modelworks - Modern US Helicopter Missile Markings


Hersteller:Fireball Modelworks
Theme:Utility Helicopters
Productnumber:FMD-21 - Modern US Helicopter Missile Markings
Type:Full kits


Joseph Osborn from Fireball Modelworks sent us some information on his brand new decalsheet that would be released within the next days, now this sheet has been released. It is item number FMD-21 Modern US Helicopter Missile Markings. It is available in 1/35 and 1/48 to start, and Joseph may add a 1/72 version if there is a demand.

The 1/35 set includes markings for a variety of Hellfire missiles from the mid-80's to today and TOW markings. The set is aimed primarily at the Academy AH-1W & OH-58D and the Kangnam AH-64A.

The 1/48 version includes some more varieties of missiles (like the Longbow Hellfire and additional TOWs) and there is a much wider range of kits it will complement. Everything from Hasegawa Apaches to Italeri Seahawks can benefit from the 1/48 set.

Fireball Modelworks FMD-21

Here is a list of possible decals (not all are covered in every scale, check the Fireball's website to know if they are available in your scale!)

  • AGM-114B Hellfire (HEAT), late 1980's -1990's, USN & USMC
  • AGM-114C Hellfire (HEAT), late 1980's -1990's
  • ATM-114B Captive Training, late 1980's - now, USN & USMC
  • CATM-114B Hellfire (HEAT) - late 1980's - now
  • AGM-114K Hellfire II (HEAT), 1996 - now
  • AGM-114K-2 Hellfire II (Augemented HEAT), 2003 - now
  • AGM-114K-2A Hellfire II (Augemented HEAT), 2006 - now
  • AGM-114L
  • CATM-114K (Captive Training), 1996 - now
  • AGM-114M Hellfire II (Blast Frag), 2001 - now
  • AGM-114N Hellfire II (Thermobaric), 2005 - now
  • BGM-71E-5B TOW 2A
  • BGM-71D
  • M272 & M299 Launcher

The decals are Alps-printed and will sell for $13 each.

Fireball Modelworks has them ready for orders on Sept 9 2008. Check Fireball Modelworks' website for more details and pictures.

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