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Westland Lynx

(Revell - Nr. 04409)

Revell - Westland Lynx


Theme:Utility Helicopters
Productnumber:04409 - Westland Lynx
Type:Full kits


Here is an inbox review of the Revell Westland Lynx that was released back in 1992 (#04409). Produced using the Matchbox moulds, which have stood up well for there is no flash on the parts. The sprues have been updated in the there window cabin doors of the Matchbox kit now have the single large window of the production versions. Also the ENGLAND, from The made in…… has been obliterated from the sprues.


The kit moulded in sky plastic comprises of 61 parts of with 5 are transparent, the latter showing some flow lines in the mouldings.


Assembly follows the exploded diagram flow, starting at stage 1 with the cockpit/cabin. The floor, centre console and rear bulkhead are moulded as one piece, to which is added the two crew armchairs!. No flying controls are supplied and there is a very basic decal supplied for the console.

Stage two of the assembly continues with the lower fuselage insert which carries the undercarriage support sponsons. Then is stage three is he assembly of the cabin interior and the fuselage halves. The tail rotor is also called up but is better left off until after the build is finished.

On with stage 4 the nose, two of which are supplied the one requires is no.21is added to the fuselage and the windscreen/cockpit doors transparency and the two screen wipers.

Stage 5 moves on to the main rotorhead and 6 the engine rotorhead gearbox cover. Then at stage 7 the sponsons are attached to the fuselage sides. At 8 the tail skid, horizontal stabilizer and a small aerial. Stages 9and 10 covers the two cabin doors and the glazing plus two small tabs on the reverse side. These alow the doors to be slid open and closed.

Stage 11is the attachment of the main rotorhead gearbox to the transmission platform. The 12 adds the two cabin doors, engine and gearbox cover to the upper fuselage. At 13 the engine intakes and exhausts are added, the latter would need to be replaced with aluminium tube for a more convincing look. Stage 14 moves on with the main rotorhead and pitch change rods, these look to be within scale tolerance so can be fitted as is. At stage 15 the main rotor blades are attached to the rotorhead. The shape of the blades is unconvincing and some re-shaping and thinning down of the trailing edges would benefit the finished model.

On to stage 16 this is the fitting of the wheels to the main and nose undercarriage legs. The wheels look realistic, however the oleo legs have been moulded in the in-flight and that is ‘weight off’ and are consequently too long. Some surgery wil be needed to rectify this shortcoming.

At stage17 this see’s the undercarriage assemblies added to the fuselage and sponsons. Again it would be better to leave these off until after painting and at the final assembly stage. At stage 18 the two weapons platforms are added to the fuselage sides. Then at 19 and 20 the two torpedoes are assembled and add to the platforms. They are however lacking in convincing detail and are better replaced.

Painting and decaling.

Two colour schemes are provided for two anonymous subjects. The first belonging to the Federal German Navy It should be Mk88, 83+11 belonging to MFG-3 based at Nordholz. The colour scheme is matt greyish blue (Revell Blaugrey 79) with matt white (Revell Wiess 5). The decals are very well printed (in Italy) with a selection of walkway and step markings plus the main instrument panel. The codes and MARINE legend are all crisply printed with good colour. The Federal flag however is out of register and would require trimming.

With regard to the colours, according to Scale Aircraft Modelling, October 2000 Lynx supplement the colours should be. Basalt Grey RAL.7012 upper surfaces with Light Grey RAL>7005 under surfaces.

The second anonymous subject is a Mk25/UH-14A belonging to 7 Squadron of the Dutch Navy or Koninklijke Marine, The colours are those called out for the above scheme. Again Sam recommends Extra dark Sea Grey KM.106 upper surfaces with Sky KM.501 undersides.


The kit is showing it’s age and is not up to the current standards. It would however make a good kit for junior modeller to start with.

The decals are the best part of the kit, so in all the kit only hold curiosity for the serious modeller or collector. Matchbox must have offered the Army version, as the skid type undercarriage and the fatter profile nose are offered but not mentioned within the instruction sheet.

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Reviewed by Heloman - 25. December 2009

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