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AH-1W Super Cobra "NTS Updated"

(AFV Club - Nr. AF35S49)

AFV Club - AH-1W Super Cobra


Hersteller:AFV Club
Theme:Utility Helicopters
Productnumber:AF35S49 - AH-1W Super Cobra "NTS Updated"
Type:Full kits
Year of release:August 2008


AFV Club from Taiwan just released a AH-1W Super Cobra "NTS Updated" in scale 1/35. The kit with boxnumber AF35S49 is a special release of the Academy/MRC AH-1W NTS Updated and this is not the first time they do it.

Next to the plastic parts you get a resin 20mm gun base and 3 turned metal barrels for the M197 20mm cannon.

I have no confirmation of the included markings but the boxart shows the patches of following units flying the AH-1W:

  • Attack Battalion, 601st Air Cavalry Brigade (Lungtan)
  • Attack Battalion, 602nd Air Cavalry Brigade (Hsinsher)

The boxart shows a third patch of the 862nd Special Force Brigade but as far as I know they don't have their own AH-1W's.

Be carefull, AFV Club also had a non NTS Updated AH-1W (kit number F35S21 released in 2004) in their catalogue. The boxart of both kits is very similar, so make sure you get the version you want.

If you want to know a bit more about the AH-1W in service with the ROCA following site is a good starting point: - AH-1W


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You are here: Home > Kit-Ecke > Helicopters Utility > AH-1W Super Cobra "NTS Updated"

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