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UH-60L Black Hawk

(Academy - Nr. 2192)

Academy - UH-60L Black Hawk


Theme:Utility Helicopters
Productnumber:2192 - UH-60L Black Hawk
Type:Full kits
Year of release:May 2001


In 2001 Academy and MRC released the first kit of their Black Hawk series in scale 1/35. The kit is labeled "UH-60L Black Hawk" and has productnumber 2192. The expectations were very high for both the AFV and Aircraft modelers.

The large box contains a fully detailed interior with a nicely detailed cockpit and cabin area including the troop seats. Cable cutters, chaff & flare dispensers, detailled engine, detailled main & tail rotor, antennas.... Not seen on the boxart but it also includes two 230 gallon external fuel tanks be mounted on the External Stores Support System (ESSS) for long range deployment of the aircraft.

The quality of the casting is up to modern standards with almost no flash. The surface detail is very crisp with nicely engraved panel lines and rivets. The engraved rivets are however the first small disappointment compared to the raised rivet details we've seen on MRC's OH-58 Kiowa kits. Another disappointment is the shape of the nose, when you compare it with reference pictures it doesn't match.

Academy 2192 UH-60L Decals

The large decalsheet lets you choose between five different options. The first is an UH-60L from an unknown unit during Desert Storm that has artwork "Double Vision" on the engine cowlings. Next there are UH-60A's from the California National Guard, 78th Aviation Battalion and one from the 101st Airborne. The fifth Blackhawk is a UH-60L from an unknown unit. Plenty of maintenance markings are included as well as large walkways. I however suggest to use them as a template for painting.

A very nice kit well worth the money but leaving plenty of oppurtunities to super detail yourself or to buy upgrade sets to improve the kit. Upgrade sets can be bought from Cobra Company and Eduard.

In 2003 the same mouldings were reboxed by Italeri UH-60A/L Blackhawk #6430.

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You are here: Home > Kit-Ecke > Helicopters Utility > UH-60L Black Hawk

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