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US Helicopter Crew for Huey

(ADV/Azimut-Modell - Nr. 35582)

ADV/Azimut-Modell - US Helicopter Crew for Huey


Theme:Utility Helicopters
Productnumber:35582 - US Helicopter Crew for Huey


This set from ADV/Azimut contains 2 helicopter pilots in their flight suit. One of them is standing, the second one is seated.

The casting quality of the grey resin parts is excellent and with great details. Except one of the helmets is slightly out of register. This is however not difficult to fix. The details on the flight suit are very crisp.

You get four heads with two different helmet types casted on. The first one is the Integrated Helmet and Display Sight System (IHADSS) for the AH-64 Apache, the second one is the more generic SPH4 Helmet that can be used for AH-1 Cobra or Huey pilots.

The shape and the proportions of the figures are good.

Helicopter pilot standing

Helicopter pilot seated

The faces of the pilots wearing the SPH4 and the IHADSS helmets are different. The faces of the pilots with the same helmets are however identical. This is a pitty.

Another negative point is that you don't get any instructions, so you'll need to check your reference pictures when painting the figures. During construction this is however not a problem as you can't miss which part belongs where.

Let us have a more detailled look at the helmets.

Integrated Helmet and Display Sight System (IHADSS)

The first type is the Integrated Helmet and Display Sight System (IHADSS) for the Apache Attack Helicopter. Comparing the IHADSS with pictures was not too good, the shape of the visor is a bit "strange", also the pilots head seems to be too small (or the helmet too big). Some of the details is excagerated, this can however be fixed with a bit of sanding and without damaging smaller details.

Apache Helmet - IHADSS

Apache Helmet - IHADSS - Side

SPH4 Helmet

The second type is a SPH4 helmet. The SP4 helmet looks better, although the visor seems to be too thick as well (even for a double visor if this was the idea). The pilots face is better in proportion than the one of the Apache pilot. The problem with the visor is however difficult to fix, if you start sanding here you'll loose some nice detalling.

SPH4 Helmet

SPH4 Helmet - Side

SPH4 Helmet - Back

First assembly

To give you an idea of how the helicopter crew looks I did a first assembly using blue tack. The fit of the parts is very good.

Apache Pilot

Cobra, Huey Pilot


Nice figures but some extra attention to the helmets would have made this to a great product.

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Reviewed by - 01. January 1970

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