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Eurocopter Tiger UHT/HAP

(Revell - Nr. 04485)

Revell - Eurocopter Tiger UHT/HAP


Theme:Utility Helicopters
Productnumber:04485 - Eurocopter Tiger UHT/HAP
Type:Full kits
Year of release:December 2006


Here is a review of the Revell Eurocopter Tiger UHT/HAP kit in 72nd scale (#04485). The kit was released in December 2006.

As the box top states, the kit includes both parts and markings for German UHT and French HAP versions of the Tiger. The plastic itself is green and shiny.

Clear Parts

The transparent parts are clear and not tinted as the picture suggests. The FOD guards are represented as clear parts (right-hand corner and upper left corner). The top parts of the cockpit are very clear and do not distort at all. The sides however distort the vision somewhat.


The detail is nicely engraved and raised where appropriate.

The cockpit consoles are nicely detailed. The side consoles, although provided, are not detailed at all. The seats come with seat-belts.

A close up of the nose section of HAP version.

And a close up of some of the HAP weapons:

Weapons include HOT, TRIGAT, French rocket-pods, round rocket-pods (which I guess are for the German version), Mistrals and Stingers. And of course the 30mm cannon for the HAP.



The decalsheet contains markings and stencilling for German and French Tigers:

  • Eurocopter Tiger UHT, Heeresflieger (German Army), Pilot School Le Luc, Southern France, October 2006: Markings for 74+04, 74+07, 74+08
  • Eurocopter Tiger HAP, French Army, Pilot School at Le Luc, Southern France, October 2006: Markings for  ATA, ATB and ATE
  • Eurocopter Tiger HAP, French Army, F-ZWWY
  • Instruction sheets

    The instructions are a lot more detailed than the previous instruction sheets done by Revell. Almost all panel lines are visible in the drawings.

    Painting guides, on the other hand, are quite small (due to the small box), but suffice. You'll have to do it with the well-known Revell "Sir-Mix-A-Lot routine" - no international codes are provided.


    From the looks of it a great kit with incredible details and according to Thomas Neuss his Tiger UHT article the fit is great as well.

    How about an Aussie or Spanish version? Anybody knows what modifications will be required?


    More infos:

    Reviewed by ChernayaAkula - 26. August 2009

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