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Sea King Mk.41 & SKUA missiles

(Revell - Nr. 04411)

Revell - Sea King Mk.41 & SKUA missiles


Theme:Utility Helicopters
Productnumber:04411 - Sea King Mk.41 & SKUA missiles
Type:Full kits


Here is a review of Revell's 04427 Sea King Mk.41 & SKUA missiles in scale 1/72. It allows you to build a modern German Navy Sea King fitted with the Sea Skua, a lightweight short range air-to-surface missile (ASM).


  • 2 light grey sprues (1 fuselage halves, 1 HAS.6 special)
  • 3 mid grey sprues (1 SeaKing basic, 1 Mk41 special, 1 SKUA special)
  • 1 clear sprue (seperately sealed)
  • 1 decal sheet
  • 1 construction manual with 47/48 steps

The Kit:

This kit is an extended "re-release" based on the Westland Seaking Mk.41 (#04427). In this review, I will only describe the differences with the base-kit. Here you can have a look at the review of the Mk.41 including all sprues.

On the whole you can say this kit is compiled by taking the base Mk-41-Kit, one sprue of the HAS.6-Kit, adding a new sprue with the SKUA-rockets and adding a new large decalsheet with different markings.

The SKUA-sprue is as finely detailed as the base-kit is, full of recessed and raised details.

The only thing of the above HAS.6-sprue that will be used, is the sandfilter box. While building the SKUA-Kit, you can choose between the FOD-Guard shield and the sandfilter box.

As we only use the sandfilter box (and perhaps the one or other antenna, depending on the age of your Seaking), many very nice detailed parts will go into your stash, like the cabin seats.

Most people I know, have bought this kit just because of the sandfilter box. As it is now out of production, it's prices on ebay (and so on..) are recently high.  So-if you want to build a newer SAR-Seaking, you can buy the Mk.41-Basekit and add a
aftermarket-sandfilter box - I know there is one of 'Ron's resin' and even Model Alliance will release one soon.


The decalsheet contains much more stencils compared to the one in the basekit and it even has got very nice
decals for the cockpit- and operatorpanels.

It contains markings for following 2 options:

  • 89+65 - MFG5 - Kiel Holtenau, 2002 (3-tone-camo)
  • 89+50 - MFG5 - Djibouti, 2003 (all-grey test paintsheme)


Again an excellent Sea King kit in scale 1/72

More infos:

Reviewed by Razor - 28. January 2010

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