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Westland Sea King Mk.41

(Revell - Nr. 04427)

Revell - Westland Sea King Mk.41


Theme:Utility Helicopters
Productnumber:04427 - Westland Sea King Mk.41
Type:Full kits


Here is a review of Revell's 04427 Westland Sea King Mk.41 in scale 1/72 which allows you to build a Germany Navy Mk.41 Sea King.

When you open the box you see following contents:

  • 3 mid-grey sprues (2 SeaKing-Basic and 1 Mk41)
  • 1 clear sprue
  • 1 decalsheet
  • 1 construction manual with 20 steps

This is the basic-kit for a German Sea King in the camouflage-sheme. So it contains the composite rotorblades, the FOD-Guard (-shield) and the five-bladed tailrotor.

All parts are crisply moulded in a light grey plastic and are flash free. The anel lines are finely engraved and have raised rivet details. The cockpit is fully equipped, the main instrument panel and centre consol have raised detail, the roof console is moulded into the canopy and the fuselage interior walls have moulded detail, as does the cabin floor.

The observer-windows! Here you have to think twice and cut once. Owing to the variety of the Seaking, Revell decided that some version-specific windows has to be cut out of the fuselage. There are recessed lines as cut-markings, so this should not be a problem. The fuselage itself has got fine engraved panel lines, small raised rivets and a lot of nice details as the driveshaft inside of the exhausts, several eyelets and so on.

Even the inner side of the fuselage halves has got some details, they are hinting at cockpit and interior details. For example the port side door has got the ladder on the inner side. The disadvantage of are the recessed bulges on the outer side, which should be not easy to fix.


The decalsheet contains markings for two Sea King's attached to Marine Flieger Geschwader 5

  • 89+51, MFG5, Kiel-Holtenau 1998 (3-tone camo)
  • 89+67, MFG5, Kiel-Holtenau 1991 (all-white paint for operation in the persian gulf)


The overall-detailing is very nice, and I couldn't find any bigger mistakes. So, take a look at some details and make your own decision!

Other Versions

What about other Germany Navy Version?

If you want to build an old German Sea King in the grey-orange-sheme you have to change some things, as the cabin-interieur, some details/antennas and you have to cut the mounting on the outside infront of the observer-windows and so on (see picture below)

If you want to build an actual German Seaking (without SAR-Markings for some time past) with the sand-filter-box you should take a look at Revell's 04411 Sea King Mk.41 & SKUA missiles.


A very nice kit with excellent details in scale 1/72!

More infos:

Reviewed by Razor - 28. January 2010

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