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Westland Sea King HAS.6/AEW

(Revell - Nr. 04450)

Revell - Westland Sea King HAS.6/AEW


Theme:Utility Helicopters
Productnumber:04450 - Westland Sea King HAS.6/AEW
Type:Full kits
Year of release:July 2001


Here is a review of the Revell 04450 kit that enables you to make a HAS.6 or an AEW version. It was released in the Summer of 2001. The HAS Mk6 has the spine mounted radome and the AEW Mk2 has the large Searchwater radar in the side mounted bag on the starboard door.

As a big Sea King-fan I´ll try to be as impartial as possible but since I love those birds this review could get a little bit one sided.


The box contains six sprues with 163 parts. Five of them are grey and one is clear. Those three sprues are also included in the Mk.41-Kits from Revell.

But these two extra sprues make the difference. The sprue on top includes all parts that are neede to build the AEW-version: the large "extended" Searchwater radome and support arm, interior details and and adapted cabin door.

adapted cabin door

The sprue below contains general things like the sixbladed tailrotor (HAS.6/AEW), the big radarhousing (HAS.6), the large sponsons (HAS.6), big sonar console (HAS.6) and many different antennas and the sonar itself (HAS.6). A very nice part is the rail, that deflects the downwash to the side to relieve the tail rotor (you can also use this for modern Mk.41 or Mk.48)

In my eyes the Revell-kit is the best Sea King-kit out there in 1/72. In direct comparison the Airfix-kit is not able to hold a candle to the Revell-kit.

The details are finely molded, there are aftermarket parts that don´t show so many details.

If you are an experienced modeller this kit shouldn´t bring up too many problems but I don´t think this is a good kit for rookies. For example the mounting for the flare-despenser has to be removed to build the kit correctly. Quite a challenge if you want to keep as many details as possible.

There are some small inaccuracies with the Revell-kit like the exhausts, that are a little bit too oval or the sponsons that could be a little bit rounder on top but in general there´s no better kit out there.

This kit is capable to be the base for many versions. You could easyly build a Mk.48 from Belgium, a Mk.41 from Germany (old and new version) or even a Mk.43B from Norway (with some scratchbuilding).

Of course every coin hast two sides. What I don't like about the kit is that the inflatable radome for the AEW-Version is only included in the inflated version. Since most models are build in landed position this is quite useless, since the radome is deflated, while the helicopter is parked. If you want to show this correctly, you'll need some serious scratchbuilding skills or you need an aftermarket part.

Sadly the wipers were casted on but look at that overhead console!

Another point I don't like, the area where you can cut out the rear windows (needed for the Mk.41 or HAR.3 for example) doesn´t show any structures. So if you want to build a version without the rear windows, you have to think how to detail that area correctly.


The decalsheet contains markings for 3 Royal Navy Sea Kings.

  • HAS.6, XV712 / '66', 814 NAS, RFA Argus & RNAS Culdrose, 1999
  • HAS.6, XV711 / '515', 810 NAS 'B' Flight, HMS Campbelltown & RNAS Culdrose, 2000
  • AEW.2, XV650 / '185, 849 NAS 'B' Flight, HMS Illustrious & RNAS Culdrose, 2000


Especially the HAS.6 belonging to 814 NAS with the tiger-design should be a nice eye-catcher in every showcase.

The decals are crisply printed and with good register.


The instructions have 16 pages and contain 45 steps to get to the finished Sea King. As you can see, there are some steps where you have to pay attention to follow the instructions precisely for the version you want to build. There are some important differences.


In my eyes the Revell-kit is the best Sea King-kit out there in 1/72. Since this kit is discontinued by Revell, you should get every kit you'll be able to find - I don't think you will regret this.

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Reviewed by ice - 28. January 2010

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