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Westland Wessex HAS3

(Revell - Nr. 04439)

Revell - Westland Wessex HAS3


Theme:Utility Helicopters
Productnumber:04439 - Westland Wessex HAS3
Type:Full kits


These moulds are common to the Italeri 082 Westland HU-5 Wessx kit but have been reworked to cover the Mk3. New parts cover the nose cowling, fuselage underside fuel transfer lines and dipping sonar shroud, the upper spine radome and fairing.

The kit contains 91 parts crisply moulded in dark blue plastic. The box art depicts one of the decals options a yellow and RAF blue grey aircraft about to land on the deck of it’s host ship. Whilst being a reasonable illustration there is not too much which can be gleaned from this in the way of detail

The nose shape is hopelessly inaccurate in that the side profile of the lower nose is too truncated. Similarly the engraved detail only rears a passing resemblance to the original. The camel hump radome and the main rotor gearbox housing fairing addition, both undersize, the under fuselage detail are all incorrect, a vague resemblance to the original! The fuselage halves are incorrect in that they still carry the UH-34 gravity refuelling points and the indents which are the access steps below the cockpit doors. The steps are given as extra parts in the kit but not the in-flight re-fuel point in front of the cabin door.

No concession tot the anti submarine sonar gear is offered, what a pity!

Comments for the rest of the kit are as written in the Italeri review.


These cover two options, the first is a golden yellow (BS381c 356) and RAF blue grey (BS 381c 633) ship belonging to 737 Squadron, HMS Antrim Flight during 1980. The second is the infamous ‘Humphrey’ again 737 Squadron, this time during the Falklands Conflict of 1982. The colour scheme here was overall RAF blue grey (BS381c 381) The decals are crisply printed with all the warning details included along with two instrument panel decals. Which are more than adequate in this scale. The finish is glossy and commendably thin.

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Reviewed by Heloman - 01. November 2009

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