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Saro Skeeter

(Aeroclub - Nr. K032)

Aeroclub - Saro Skeeter


Theme:Utility Helicopters
Productnumber:K032 - Saro Skeeter
Type:Full kits


This 1/72 Saro. Skeeter from Aeroclub is a multimedia kit with plastic, white metal parts and a vacuform canopy. There is no plan to build it instead you have some written instructions, which means that you need to have good reference on this little machine.

The plastic parts (two halves fuselage and the three rotor blades) are well moulded with recessed panel lines.
Metal parts are... metal parts and need to be cleaned before you use them, on the contrary the canopy is very nice but you only have one... so no error is allowed!

Aeroclub provides decals for two options, a British AOP 12 in Dark earth/Dark green coded XM 555 (preserved example you can find pics of her on, and a German Mk 50 in the same camo pattern coded PC+119.

To conclude, this kit is very attractive, at least for the subject, IMHO it will require some extra work, particularly under the belly where the engine is visible. But it will be a nice addition on a display side by side for example with a UH-12 and a TH 55.

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Reviewed by pierre - 24. May 2009

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You are here: Home > Kit-Ecke > Helicopters Utility > Saro Skeeter

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