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Bell UH-1D Heer

(HaHen - Nr. 35001)

HaHen - Bell UH-1D Heer


Theme:Utility Helicopters
Productnumber:35001 - Bell UH-1D Heer
Type:Full kits
Year of release:May 2007


This sheet, done by the German manufacturor HaHen, allows you to build any German UH-1D in 1/35. If this is not your scale, don't worry it is also available in 1/32, 1/48 and 1/72.

The set consists of 4 decalsheets (2 in color, 2 in black and white) and a 1 page instruction sheet in color.

Decals needs to be cut from the one-piece carrier film which is very thin. Decals are crisp and perfectly registered, even the tniest stencils and markings are perfectly legible. A protective layer has already been added by Hahen.

The Dragon kit UH-1D HEER #3542 has markings for 3 versions: 2 Heeresflieger from Bückeburg and Köln/Bonn as well as a SAR version belonging to LTG 63. In case you want to build another version this decal set is exactly what you need. It contains markings for all the different units of the German Army (HEER), Luftwaffe, Bundesgrenzschutz and Luftrettung.

Markings for following units are present:

  • HTG 64
  • LTG 63
  • LTG 62
  • LTG 61
  • Bückeburg
  • Heeresfliegerregiments 30 aus Niederstetten
  • Heeresfliegerregiments 20
  • Heeresfliegerregiments 10
  • HFlgBtl 6
  • HFlgBtl 8
  • Bundesgrenzschutz, D-HATE
  • Luftrettung, Bundesministerium des Innern, D-HBZx
  • Flugbereitschaft Luftwaffe BMVg

If you want to build a Search and Rescue version you can choose between different versions of the SAR-text.

Absolutely recommended!

HaHen - Bell UH-1D Heer

HaHen - Bell UH-1D Heer

HaHen - Bell UH-1D Heer

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Reviewed by TimV - 01. January 1970

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